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About us

Sunline is founded by a group of passionate and customer-oriented engineers that has good knowledge and experience in solar energy field. Since the very beginning, it stands firm on its role as a professional solar power system solution provider. With years research and development, Sunline products range includes solar power inverter, PV cell, solar panel and applications and services. We believe with only green and renewable clean energy, can we maintain global sustainable development. Our mission is to boost global renewable clean energy development around the world, for the benefit of all of humanity, and for the next generation.

We believe, with constant endeavor and expertise, we can to take our vision successfully to the public.

Our mission: Make renewable clean power be available for everyone !


Contact Us

Contact: SunlineTek

Phone: +86-199 2521 0912

Tel: +86-0755-2891 2874

Email: sales@sunlinetek.com

Add: Room 306, Plant 2 next to the Dengxinkeng industrial zone, Jihua Road, Xinxue Community, Bantian street, Longgang district, Shenzhen

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