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Solar PV World EXPO (2020)

Solar PV World EXPO (2020)

Aug 16-18 2020 China Solar PV ( Photovoltaic ) industrial exposition will be held in Guangzhou Exhibition Center.

Estimated that about 800 suppliers will join in this exposition that covering an area up to 50000 sq2. Solar PV World EXPO, previously known as Solar PV Guangzhou, since the first time it was held, it won good reputation and positive feedback from around the world. This year, according to statistic,  60'000 customers from more than 100 countries will come to EXPO, either looking for suppliers for products, or to get the lastest info.

Shenzhen Sunline Tech, as a professional player in solar PV industry, will join in the Aug 2020 Solar PV World Expo as well. With more than 10 years working in Solar Energy generator, Solar power inverter field, we have come up with a complete range of solar power related products that earnt positive feedback from customers.  We will be in the Expo , waiting for your visit.

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