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Sunline New Product Launch

After 8 months research and development, Sunline new product passed multiple tests, and finally got ready for customers.

In March we submitted our products for lab to test its energy convert efficiency, in early may we got the test report. According to report our new produc set a new record of 94.9% efficiency, while the average efficiency rate in this filed it is 93%. We are highly prond of our engineers' hardwork and their expertise knowledge.

But we will never stop our step to pursuit better quality. There is still room for us to progress

Sunline Tech, will always try its best to make better quality products and solve customers' problem. Our products range include solar power inverter, PV cell, Solar energy controller. Sunline was founded by a team of passionate engineers that have more than 15 years experience in designing solar power related products. We know what is important for customers and what problem customers may encounter while using solar power products. Based on our experience and knowledge, we are precautious when we design products and deal with customers to avoid potential problem that may occurs.

We believe, only with good quality and good service, can we grow together with customers.

If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us

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Email: sales@sunlinetek.com

Add: Room 306, Plant 2 next to the Dengxinkeng industrial zone, Jihua Road, Xinxue Community, Bantian street, Longgang district, Shenzhen

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